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Modified Diecast Series (MDS)

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Flip81 4/24/22

I'd like to race on your track. Let me know if you have a spot thanks.

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WallyChamp73 4/25/22


Can I send in 2 new entries?  Or am I done?

N.J. Drive Racing Team.

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PuffsRacing 5/1/22

Count me in for 2?

I'd like to join up. 

Count me in 

I would like to join this event please. 

I'd like to send in a couple if still good to do so. Loved the survivor series and would love a chance on the new track.

still room for this?

Hoping I can send in a couple of cars under Variat Skunkworks.  I sent a messaged yesterday  but don't see it here. If this is a duplicate msg my apologies. If I'm in please assign me the car numbers.

I don't remember if I signed up yet so here I am doing that, possibly again ????

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Spirit_Of_64 5/20/22

Is it all right to send in one more entry for this when I send in my rally car?

  • So, I uh went ahead and threw something together to send along with my rally entry. They should arrive on Saturday! — Spirit_Of_64
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Numbskull 5/23/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.  2nd car.

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