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Modified Diecast Series (MDS) FULL

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Is it too late for New Jersey Drive Racing to participate for 2 entries?

Can I use the Hummer I sent with #2, since it has a 2 on it?

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Dogtown 8/9/22

2 please!

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MrDarq 8/9/22

I am assuming you have my cars :) but would like 2 #13 and #1

Lily the Dog will take a spot

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GrumpyCloud 8/9/22

I'm in for one, #22 please

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Bolo_Brown 8/9/22

I would like to join this if there's still room #00 

  • You’re in! Good luck. — DiecastDudeRacing
  • It's too late I would like to send 2 instead of 1 my 2nd number will be 36 — Bolo_Brown
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KxngTrizz 8/9/22

I see a lot of names down already so if there is space I'd like to just send 1 in. Thanks

I think I mailed two cars out to you in June? But I've just realised they are both #8, which means only one can race this season. If there's still room, can the Shoebox #8 be entered for this season?

And if there's space, count me me for a 2nd car at #18 please, and I'll get it built and sent off.

I'm in for 1

number 32

please let me know if there's still space 

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PuffsRacing 8/18/22

I sent you 2 vehicle in June Also for the racing event.  Is this a new 1. If so I want in for 2 vehicle? You give me any 2 available # please . Ty

Do u have space?

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