Thursday, May 27th, 2021
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A 60 Car tournament, which is broken into 10x groups of 6 Racers.
Video Release - - Every Thursday morning 00hooam (UK TIME).
Each group runs a separate Round Robin Event to produce a winner.

Each race is a 1 vs 1 battle of 2 heats, BUT there will be a pursuit cop car on track every heat.
The cop cars' role is to interfere with Racers and reduce their bounty by either passing them or stopping them from finishing the race, or both.


Each Group Has 3 race days.
Each Race day consists of 5 Races.
Each Racers will have 1 race against every other driver in the Group Spread over the 3 days.
Racers will accumulate bounty for wins and finishes.
Racers will pay penalties for being beaten by cops and DNF's or both.


Cops get:
* - - A finish fee for crossing the finish line
* - - A fee for each Racers beaten over the line
* - - A bonus for every Racer that suffers a DNF

Score ...
Racers must accumulate as much bounty as possible
Cops must accumulate as much as possible to count up a "BAIL TOTAL"

At the end of Day 3 For each group...

The Racer with the highest bounty on his/her head WINS THE GROUP.
Group Winners Automatically Qualify For The Next Main Event
- - - - - - - OUTLAW KING TOURNAMENT - - - - - - -

Racers with a Bounty Total less than the "BAIL TOTAL" accumulated by the cops - - will go to jail - - BUT . . .
They will get a chance to get away in a Racer Vs 3 Cop Car "GETAWAY RUN".
Driver wins - - He/She goes free and is a fugitive.
If the racer achieves 2nd place or worse - - He/she gets arrested and goes to Jail.


Good Luck To Everyone Who Has Entered.

Drive Safely . . . And Take Care.

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