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Add me please 

  • Awesome, welcome! Do you need the address just hit me up. Good luck — LEGION_OF_DOOM

I'd like to enter 2 cars please. 

  • Awesome, welcome! Do you need the address just hit me up. Good luck — LEGION_OF_DOOM

Count me in for 2 cars, please!

  • So good to see you are back!! Do you need the address or do you still have it? Good luck — LEGION_OF_DOOM
  • I think I still have the address somewhere! The rules say concept cars are okay - is the Corvette Indy acceptable? (concept car from the 1986 Detroit auto show) — Fractal_Panda
  • Yes that is super acceptable good sir! — LEGION_OF_DOOM

Our cars should be with you already! We are looking forward to trying your track. 

  • Yes my friend, we have all of your cars and entries for all of the other races as well. Can't thank you and your son enough for watching and participating!! Thanks a — LEGION_OF_DOOM
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MQHracing 1/28/24

I s there still room to enter?

  • Absolutley, we would love to have you! Come on down and good luck! — LEGION_OF_DOOM
  • Can I get the address please. — MQHracing
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Kingshark 1/29/24

Count Kingshark of Mako Racing in

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GrumpyCloud 1/30/24

Track looks great!  I'll send you two.  Thanks for hosting.

  • Awesome news! Thanks for sending cars and joining this years battle! Good luck my freind! — LEGION_OF_DOOM
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GBURacing 1/30/24

The Noob will take 2 spots please and #17 and #21 if availabel.

  • Awesome and Absolutley thank you for joining the battle this year it should be a knock out! Good luck and what ever numbers you would like is up to you. — LEGION_OF_DOOM
  • Where you from? — LEGION_OF_DOOM
  • Sounds good and I'm from NC — GBURacing
  • Thanks and hopefully we will see your cars soon and good luck — LEGION_OF_DOOM
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Sneaky_Bob 1/30/24

Sign Sneaky Bob up for 2 spots.

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Lily_the_Dog 1/31/24

Lily the Dog will send 2 cars if available. Thanks!

DemonPreacher in for two. This race needs a Shemp.

I'm in for 2, thanks again!

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