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could I use this BTTF Delorean?

  • Only if you go back to the future! lol — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Let's see ... it's a modified production vehicle so yes that should be fine ... — Marco_Polo
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Kingjester 11/28/23

@Marco_Polo since it wasn't specified in the rules I just want to be sure, are we allowed to shave fenders if we want to put bigger wheels?

  • it does say this... Opening wheelwells ...OK — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • By shaving the fenders you mean the inside ? if that's the case is OK , opening for bigger tires is OK also ,what's not allowed is altering the outside of the vehicle,thanks for asking — Marco_Polo
  • So when you say Alter does that mean like sanding the fenders to fit bigger wheels? — Kingjester
  • If you're sanding the inner side is ok , if you're fitting bigger wheels you'll end up doing some sanding inside anyway ,Yes you can open up the fenders for bigger wheels and grind or sand the inside of the fenders but the outside must look stock — Marco_Polo
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SpyDude 11/29/23

Due to unexpected personal issues, I may have to withdraw from this event. I will do my best to get something together, but for now I will sideline my car to allow the next person on the list to race.  If anything changes, I will let you know.

  • No problem just keep me informed if you're back to it... — Marco_Polo

I'm in!

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Marco_Polo 12/15/23

Papa Pugsley arrived today !!! And this entry means business!!!

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Marco_Polo 12/22/23

All confirmed drivers for this event should have received a message on this website with the address for sending cars ,check your messages and let me know if you don't,  thanks and keep sending those rides!!!

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Spirit_Of_64 12/28/23

This Benz raced at Gravity Throttle a ways back and did decently, so I gave it a bit of a glowup and we'll see if Wendell Eade here can't take 'er to the next level!

  • Cool... how tall is that figure for reference...? — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
  • Thanks! I reckon he's about an inch tall — Spirit_Of_64
  • yeah, I picked up a lot of little figures recently and the seller said they were an inch but it turns out they are 3/4" or less... :( — Stoopid_Fish_Racing
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StrayDog 1/9/24

On the way!

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Numbskull 1/14/24

On my way.

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Spirit_Of_64 5/13/24

Just got my entry back the other day.  Thanks for the bonus car!

  • You're welcome, wish you luck in the next tournament!!! — Marco_Polo

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