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HotWheelsRacing Saturday, 11/3/2018

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2day marks the official beginning of the channel


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This is my 1st 64 car tournament. Choose u car wisely. I pick the Roger DOGER from the East. No prizes if u pick the winner. Videos will begin 2marrow. 

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Mopar_Mafia 11/3/18

That's the spirit!

Want to pick a car?

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FOTF 11/4/18

I'll take the gold Cougar from the south, please.

30 mins to go green on South Dakota Motor Speedway

  • The dog was funny — Mopar_Mafia
  • Video by Mom, good job! — Mopar_Mafia
  • Nice work, and racing... — Traction-Event
  • Great job! You Have a great looking track. — Rusty
  • Great teamwork! Love the fuzzy brown track assistant. Race On! — MDG_Racing
  • Great job guys !!! — CityAutoParkDragway
  • This was awesome. What a great family. I've had the same results with my Skull Shaker. Lots of fun but definitely not the fastest. — Racing_with_Robert

Rd 1 part next weekend

Ok so as Los said utube is having issues so rd1 part 2 next weekend.

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LeagueofSpeed 11/12/18
Event coordinator

Awesome job on the channel Little Buddy!!!

When life slows down in my neck of the woods...I'll make your next race...keep up the good work!!!

Peace and Speed - League of Speed 

Thanks much. Not sure when thatll be if u havent seen earlier vids checkem out. I want ALL of u to know its not just my channel it is me my, bro's, & my cousins. I do the racing. Any ideas on tournament ideas? I love fantasy castings for some stupid reason I cant figure out they also tend to be faster stock... or at least the ones i buy.

  • Many of them tend to have the longer wheel base and wider track stance...which is indusive to speed — LeagueofSpeed
  • Kuddos to you all...I subscribed today!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • Many Hot Wheels Originals/Fantasy castings are definitely my favorites. Twinduction, Scorcher, Fast Fish and Muscle Tone are just a few. The company started with a mix of real and fantasy, and holds true to today's mainlines. — MDG_Racing
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41-14 11/13/18

I pick the gold cougar out of the south. If it’s not to late. 

And great job on the video. I only watched a few minutes but I’ll get back to it. And I’ll sub your channel as well. You guys are doing great. 

41-14 Racing, Little Bug Racing  and Wild Rose Racing  

I subscribed yesterday.  Great job on your first race video.  It takes a lot more time and work than most people realize.  Cant wait to watch more videos and see your channel grow and evolve!      Continue the never ending search for true speed!

Red Pill Racing 

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