One Year of Tracksurgeon Racing

Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon Wednesday, 12/14/2016

From collecting and restoring beater Redlines, Redlinederby was one of the things I discovered when I saw the Beater Burnout tournament happen. Later was when I noticed Redline Revival and decided to give it a go, since I already had hundreds of beater Redlines; there was not much happening last December other than selling restorations on eBay. From then, progress really escalated; C10 gave me a Cadillac V16 which formed a basis for the speed of my mods. C4 was a club nearby, and I joined in February, nearly winning their stock tournament. Then, I set up a makeshift track (still used today for testing), and after adding weights to another Cadillac V16, Carte Blanche was created as the new basis, and I happened to win my first tournament at C4's RWB in March. The winning streak continues on for racing at C4 (8 in total) but I've now begun exploring new alternatives to FTEs and excellent downhill racing castings not used before.

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