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Pikes Peak Invitational (Full)

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Driepe51 11/23/22

I'll take #5 subie and #51 vdub!!

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Papa_Pugsley 11/24/22

Man Child Motorsports will Take Subaru and VW  #72 and #97

I'm in! I'll take whatever casting nobody wanted. 

#4 & #44 please! Thank you! I'm really looking forward to this new mystery track! 

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JeffSpeed07 11/24/22

Man I can't wait to see the new track.

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Numbskull 11/25/22

#55 and #57.  WRX and Fiesta.

Cheers, Numbskull


Was too late to the party :/

Will watch it for sure tho, this is going to be a good one

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Numbskull 1/9/23

Numbskull Racining is on the way.

Diecast Dude Racing #17 #9 fiesta, scirraco

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