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Policeman Ball

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E67DRT 3/20/24

I want to send 1 in please

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DXPRacing 3/20/24

This will be my first hosted race on my new seamless track, come set the new modified track record!

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41-14 3/20/24

Hell ya I'm in. First race at DXP. Can't miss this one. 

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Scoupe 3/20/24

Sign me up

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PuffsRacing 3/20/24

I'll send 1 in

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CraigsterSr 3/20/24

In Please!

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RayRaySugar 3/20/24

Oh, yeah. I want in on this!

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EnZedRacing 3/20/24

Do you accept NZ$  :-)

I'm keen as I have a heap of cop cars sitting there doing nothing.  Could you put me down for one (1) and I'll find an American tourist to steal US$5 from.

And just to clarify: ANY casting? MBX, HW, Swat vans etc?

  • Any casting as long as it’s a factory police, SWAT or security vehicle. It can be Hot Wheels, Matchbox, JL, Greenlight, Etc. — DXPRacing
  • Except for the Roll Patrol FC — DXPRacing
  • Sweet...and all good about Roll Patrol as I've never heard of it until now. — EnZedRacing
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MWAI_Racing 3/20/24

I'd like to get in on this one!

I'd like a spot please?

 I'm in please .. got to get my feet wet sometime..

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Numbskull 3/21/24

Count me in please.

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