Quick 1-Step race result reporting

redlinederby Wednesday, 7/22/2020
Site manager

If you've run a race and have the final results, you should share them! 

It's 1-Step process to quickly and easily report your race results. When you do, not only will your club get some good promotion, racers will receive stats for their performance.

How to report new race results 

To report your results, just click the yellow Report Race Results button when you go to create a new topic. Then it's just one form that asks for all the critical info and you're done.

When to use the yellow button

You should use the yellow Report Race Results button when you have the final results for your race AND you haven't already posted that race on the calendar.

If you have results for a race that was previously on the calendar, follow these directions.

Who should report race results?

Everyone! Well...anyone that is organizing a race. Race results are NOT just for Redline Derby events and races. They can, and should, be used by any club that wants to promote their club, their races, and the hobby.

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