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Racing Champions Cup Series

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Ca$h Money Boy$ want in!! Been waiting to build a Nascar!!!

Last Chance Customs #31

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BiffsPlace 6/1/21

Biff Kirby!!!!! Commotion Diecast please 

Can number and sponsor be custom?

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WillyMaykit 6/1/21

Count me in! 93 if available!?!

  • Don't accept entries from Willy! He puts giant snakes in the box! lol — Kaiju_Colorado
  • LOL @ Kaiju — SpyDude

Shoot, I'm in!  #89 please!  Also, do the wheels need to be realistically colored?

  • I’d like for them to be black to add to the realism but since I didn’t specifically say in the rules I will allow clear transparent or colored wheels — FPD_Racing

I'll get in this

I'm in
#68 Shaun DeLong (Code 3 Motorsports)

if posible could i get a spot please 

Kleenex #27 

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Mykemaze 6/1/21

I want in... do u have spots still available?

  • They will accept all entries for time trials, but only the top 16 will make it into the tournament. — Kaiju_Colorado
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KheiG 6/3/21

Can it be any be any make of race car? '32 Ford, '69 GTO, '64 Galaxie etc?? Count me in btw.

Khei G of Khei's Diecast Garage 

  • Do you have any of those that say Racing Champions on the bottom? — SpyDude
  • I meant to add Racing Champions in there. Was just trying to specify can it be any type of race car or, can i take any RC car and racing decals? — KheiG
  • Yeah. So long as the base is a racing champions.there were some sick cars from the early days of nascar. — FPD_Racing

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