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Racing commentary, finding the balance

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I love commentary on videos. It really personalizes each channel. Everyone that does shows there own personalities and flare. Myself I am not the greatest. I do enjoy doing it. I work to get better each time. I race a race edit it all together then do commentary as I watch it back. It feels very much like I am calling it live and seeing it for 1st time.  Then I will add in sound effects. It is time consuming. And I appreciate All who do it. And appreciate all who watch and actually listen to me. 

Having gone to broadcast school I like to try & do a professional commentary like a real race. Not always easy, but it is a fine line between being a bit dull, and screaming like a madman.

Play by play and color commentators is best, but not always possible. I just try not to overdo it, and do it without "planned spontenaity", but actully act as though I'm seeing the action for the first time, which isn't all that untrue; when you shoot it often happens so fast you only get to see the details when slowed down in editing.I do enjoy it though!

I like that each person has their own track and approach to narrating their events. It is really a broad spectrum and each has its own merits. There is always the volume button for folks that don't like or want to hear any commentary!

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Papa_Pugsley 12/8/23

To me, commentary is the hardest part. I am not a very out spoken person and it doesn't come natral to me. I prefer videos with commentary so I feel that I really need to do it in my videos. I have been experimenting with using some AI voices in mine to take some of the load off of me talking through the who thing. I really commend those that do a great job at it.

  • i think you do a great job! Is the female voice on your vids AI?? — G_ForceRacing
  • Yes, Taylor Drift is AI, my wife wouldn't d o it LOL — Papa_Pugsley
  • Haha! My wife refused too! I might have to try that, I like the idea. Thanks bro'!! — G_ForceRacing

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