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Rev Hobbies Season 4: Rally, Rally, Rally! (Registration Closed )

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Dogtown 6/2/22

#71 looks open, is that cool?

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revhobbies 6/11/22


Season 4 will most likely not be in my usual format on YouTube.  I will most likely post shortened versions of the races on TikTok.  There will be no commentary from me and none of the cool camera angles.  If this changes your mind about entering please let me know and you may withdraw.  If you have already sent your car in before this post (6/11/22) and want it returned without racing please let me know and I will return it and refund your shipping.

  • Hi Jason, you know I love your channel, your videos, and that I respect the hard work you put into your production quality. I haven't started my cars as of yet, so I'll withdraw so you can just take a break. Cheers, and I hope you will be back soon. I wish you the best. — Numbskull
  • Mine are only half done, so I'll withdraw my two, too. — GenX_VintageRacing
  • Thank you guys! appreciate the support — revhobbies
  • Hey man love what you do but I will be withdrawing as well. — GoldenOwl

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