RIP Joe Marquez, Uncle Joe's Speedway

BlueLineRacing Sunday, 7/10/2022

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We lost a member of the Diecast racing community in Joe Marquez aka Uncle Joe's Speedway. Gone way too soon at only 52 years of age. Thanks for your contribution to the hobby Joe. You will be missed.

You can make a donation to help his family with arrangements using the GoFundMe page. [Ed]


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CrazyEights 7/10/22

That pretty crazy to hear that. The man loved Hot Wheels racing. My condolences to his family.

May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars. (Johnny Depp, Blow)

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Numbskull 7/10/22

Sad news.

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redlinederby 7/10/22
Site manager

Aw man, that's a bummer to hear. Thanks for bringing it to attention, BLR.

Uncle Joe contributed a lot and enjoyed the hobby tremendously. I always had positive experiences interacting with him. Condolences to his family and all that loved him.

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GhostRacing 7/10/22

Yeah Joe and I just talked last week. He was a real personable guy, and I am in shock to hear that he's passed away. The Bible states that life is as a vapor. Meaning that we are here and then we are not. I pray you guys do repent and look to the Lord for salvation (John 3:16-17), and experience the blessing of forgiveness, and salvation that's found only in Christ.

Sad to hear.

A decent guy and good contributor to the diecast community. Sends my best thoughts and wishes.

Joe was a great guy and will be greatly missed.  

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CrazyEights 7/11/22

I watched his last race video again last night. He was so happy that he bought a new setup for his track. Now it never will be run on.

They say 30g & 40g stock classes are neglected. It was Joe's specialty.

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RLoRacing 7/11/22

RIP Joe. Also, his family has set up a gofundme if anyone wants to donate

  • Thanks for the link. Added link to the top post for ease. — redlinederby
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Lily_the_Dog 7/11/22

Sorry to hear that, way too young.

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MrDarq 7/12/22

Sad news, RIP Joe.

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Chaos_Canyon 7/12/22

Sad news. He raced in our track a couple times and was very active in the community. Always seemed like a nice guy

Rest in peace sir. 

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