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RLDRL Double Feature in June

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My May/June offerings

Can I still enter this race?

2 cars arriving to you tomorrow for RLDRL

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Mayfield41 6/22/20

Did this event happen over the weekend?

Just curious, my stock June entry I'm excited about. That car is pure stock  not even any added anything to wheels. 

  • What casting are you running? — BlueLineRacing
  • 40's fat fendered, garage sale find — Mayfield41
  • We had to wait for some Chargers to show up...pushed the schedule back a week...most likely get going on Thursday — LeagueofSpeed
  • Cool. Thanks for the update — Mayfield41
  • Did I miss something on this race? I know it was delayed until last Thursday but I haven’t heard anything else? — BlueLineRacing

I might have missed it. Has this race been run yet?

  • no...not yet — LeagueofSpeed
  • Is there a new date set for this event — Mayfield41
  • It's quite a delay. I hope all is well and everyone is okay in the Speed family household... — Peter_Bee
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Mayfield41 7/14/20

Everything all right? I'm a little worried for ya. Is there any updates on this event? Hope all is well and you are still healthy.  Sorry if I seem annoying. Just curious on status is all.

  • We realized that taxes are we've been getting that squared away and some back to college business...time for Racing and Building have been scarce — LeagueofSpeed
  • Glad to hear everyone is well. Priorities first, I, for one, can wait albeit anxiously. The Double Feature was to be my racing debut. It still may as I also sent cars to the Poppa Speed Invitational and D64 July races. We'll get this career started soon lol. Take care and Peace and Speed be with you. — Peter_Bee

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