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Scrapper's Showdown 2022 - Results Posted

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Spirit_Of_64 9/10/22

I'd like to enter, please!

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Big_Al 9/10/22

Put Big Al's Custom Diecast down for this one!

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PuffsRacing 9/10/22

I want in #29 please 

I'd like to join please.

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RaSungod 9/10/22

Ra wants into this one. I got a score to settle...

This is one I have to be in!

Would Love a Spot For a Rusty Rod Please!

Wow, that filled super quick!

Darn, I wish I knew about this one on time...

  • Yeah, it filled up almost the day he first posted it within two hours. — SpyDude
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ShannonBR 9/14/22

Add me as a alt please. 

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Driepe51 10/13/22

Since one of the alternate spots opened up... anyway to get on that list??? 

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Numbskull 11/30/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

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Kaiju_Colorado 12/17/22

All but 4 entries are received and have passed initial inspection. The final 4 are enroute. Racing begins January 7, 2023.

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