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Jabo66 Thursday, 9/19/2019

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I'm almost done with my Slalom Race Track, it's a 85' long drop from a 3DBotMaker start gate at 71" high. Each lane has two 90 degree turns, one bridge lane crossover and four 180 degree turns that crossover.

I have 12 cars that will go down the course is less then 10 secounds, 10 of them are 2005 and 2006 with faster than ever wheels. All have metal chassis, low profile and a short front end.

Bon Voyage
Bone Shaker
Ferrari 360 Modena
Pocket Bikester
Split Decision
Subaru Impreza WRX

I'm like everyone else, seeking more speed...less then 10 secounds to be exact! 

I'm looking to buy 30-40 cars off ebay and would greatly appreciate any recomendations of specific cars/year that could possibly break the 10 second barrier.



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3DBotMaker 9/19/19

You can't really go wrong with the Ferrari F-40.

Seek cars with gold Hot Ones wheels, metal based Gold Medal Speed Ultra Hot Wheels, and additional FTE castings such as Way2Fast FTE, Pontiac GTO Judge FTE or the Hot Tub FTE.

That will give you a good start, but like the rest of us the fun is in your own search and testing of speed. No doubt you'll find new fast castings!!

Awesome track!

  • Thanks! I have Way2Fast FTE, Pontiac GTO FTE and Hot Tub FTE...They are slow and this track but good drag racers! — Jabo66
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redlinederby 9/20/19
Site manager

Don’t forget to add that track to the Directory, it’s awesome!

As for cars, older metal chassis cars Ive always found reliable. Ferrari yes. Try some vans maybe. 

Silver bullet. Sidekick. Shadow Jet. Lumina Stocker (maybe). Turbolence. Stockar FTE might handle those curves well.

  • Thanks RLD! I have Stockar FTE, it's close to running under 10 seconds but not quite there. — Jabo66
  • What are the best type of wheels to look for in 1990's - early 2000's casting to look for? — Jabo66
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72_Chevy_C10 9/20/19

Caddy 16 fte, Way2Fast fte are both a good bet...the F40s are always good too

I've found SOME speed in the 2018 all metal redlines 50th anniversary cars. Also the Gazella GT from the rocket league 5 pack is fast.

FTE Stockar.  One of the fastest castings I've ever raced

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redlinederby 10/19/19
Site manager

I saw in your track profile that there is a crossover...? Can you share a photo of how you integrated that feature? It's hard to see in the wide shot photo. Sounds cool.

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GspeedR 10/20/19

I'm wondering which metal bodied cars, if any, are making body-to-curve contact in the corners. That could be a substantial inertia loss if it occurs. I might look to plastic on metal cars and/or an open-wheel configuration with ultra-low rolling resistance on a laned road course with lots of corners. 

  • Yes, there is a lot of body-to-curve contact in the turns. You can tell by the worn paint on the front/back fenders, sides and even on the top of the cars. The most contact is in the modified 90 turns, especially the right really slows down cars with a long and low front end! Pocket Bikester does well on this course, it's metal/metal with smooth fenders with not much of a front end. — Jabo66
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Dadvball 10/20/19

That's an awesome set up!  Other than racing in League of Speeds races with the curves I really can't offer any suggestions other than the purple Dodge Challenger Drift car.  It won one of his races but I believe I had used graphite on the axles.  

  • Thanks, I'll give it a try. — Jabo66
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WorpeX 10/20/19

Okay, I have a really random car suggestion. It might need to be modded. However, try out the Bedlam. The car itself isn't very quick on a straight downhill but its VERY fast around corners. It seems to hold its speed like no other car i've seen. Won a mail-in tournament awhile back with one on a spiral track. Anyway, theres a good chance a stock one wont compete but a modded one (with FTEs) might be pretty nutty on your track!

Another car to try is the What-4-2 FTE. It might be the fastest car on my track right now and with a plastic body it'll be great around the bends.

  • The Bedlam I have is a little slow, it would probably do better with some added weight and modded wheels! What-4-2 does well but the low front end slows it done a bit the the modified 90 turns. — Jabo66
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Jabo66 10/21/19

The lanes crossover using a bridge inbetween the two modified 90° turns. I cut off about 1 1/2" from the left and right of the two 90° turn pieces where they connect and used epoxy and fiberglass to join them together. The left 90° turn is smoother than the right 90° turn.

I'm working on video of a 64 car race, 32 Faster Than Ever cars vs 32 Mainline Cars. Hopefully I will be done with the first of the three videos this week!

  • Ah cool...thanks for the photo. Wasn't sure if it was a same-lane crossover or a lane swap. Nicely handled. — redlinederby
  • This track is so cool! — WorpeX
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CRPRacing 10/23/19

Epic Track ..... wow very impressed ..... hope you can post some video of some races 

I would love to see cars run down that track 

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