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Mayfield41 3/27/20

Everything on hold until I get my new tool and some new stuff for axles and wheels. 

This is my office at work, this is where I do a lot of my car building or testing. I do it during breaks or lunch and also when I'm working late at my shop. If I'm lucky I get about an hour a day if that too play with cars. And you can see my cars are inside of two plastic containers, that's basically where I work out of between my house and work. 

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WallyChamp73 9/13/21

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WallyChamp73 9/13/21

Messy but I am sort of productive. LOL  Now all I have to do is win some races!

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Dj2112yyz 9/14/21

I finally built myself a little spot under the basement steps.

One big mess

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Cole_Trickle 9/16/21

The lab

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Learnector 3/8/22

The Learnector diecast racecar build facility.

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CptnZedx1a 3/9/22

     My work space doesn't really need a photograph. It's an outgrowth of the one I used when I lived in a Volkswagen Microbus in the late 1980's. Apart from assorted paints, an off-brand Dremel, and a crank-drill (and the new axle alignment jig I bought a couple weeks ago-thanks redlinederby!) I keep all my tools in a former bank drive-up cylinder I bought at a flea market. The space for letting paint and JBWeld dry is wherever, and the cars for future projects are everywhere.

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RaSungod 3/11/22

This is where Ra cooks up those beautiful, but slow, builds.

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PagodaRacing 3/23/22

I'm just getting into die cast racing. For the past couple years I've been slowly gathering track material and reading any How To info I can find. Like most everyone else I'm having a hard time finding cars.

This is my hobby area. From left to right; Out of sight to the left is a small spray booth. In the picture to the left is 19 drawer watchmakers bench from the 1950's. It is full of my small hobby tools. I was fortunate to live near a business that acquired and liquidated tools from watchmaker estates

Directly ahead is a students drafting table that I cut down into a flat top. The door holds my shop apron and Optivisor.

To the right is my N scale layout on a HCD. It sits atop plastic stacking shelves.

  • Very cool! Does the radio work? — Bongo
  • Thanks! Radio works. It's modern with Bluetooth and a vintage look. I like to listen to audio books or OTR shows via — PagodaRacing

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