What cars have you found lately?

redlinederby Sunday, 9/10/2017
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What have you found recently? Post a photo and let us know where you found them...

There was a toy show in town this weekend so I took the kid and spent a few hours roaming aisle after aisle knee deep in GI Joes, Transformers, He-Man and Hot Wheels. My kid scored a few Barbie dolls while I found myself a few mainlines I didn't have in fantasy league collection.

My kid loves Ghostbusters and likes to race with me as much as she likes her Barbie, so when she spotted a Slimer Bread Box, we couldn't pass it up.

Also found this weekend, in the wild at Meijer, were a Skyline I figured I'd never get along with another Datsun wagon (can't have enough of them).

What have you found recently? Post a photo and let us know where you found them...


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Just picked up 10 of these FTE '70 Plymouth Superbirds.

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sub4ra 9/14/17

I won a nice 30 car lot of NASCAR 1/64 scale cars to use on upcoming races!


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sub4ra 9/21/17

2017 Matchbox L Case Has Arrived!


  • Decent deal off Ebay...slightly less than $3 per car including shipping — LeagueofSpeed
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WorpeX 9/26/17

Love them Lakesters but I can never keep the wheels from getting bent! Its like they have paper for axles. 

The FTE  Superbird haul....4 will be kept Stock...2 will be Modified themselves and 4 will be donors for other cars, one is another Superbird I've had that's not good...so going to see if I can make a decent car outta it now.

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Mopar_Mafia 9/30/17

Nice Mopars! But then again, I'm sort of partial

Hot Wheels show today... 


  • nice haul!!! — LeagueofSpeed
  • The Little Orange Truck , all worn and used, seems out of place... thats one of my favorites but the plastic bottom and wheels are just garbage even on a mint one — madmax

$12.50 with Free Shipping....basically $2.10 per car...6 cars...2 Ferrari 458 Italia's FTE included were the target cars.

  • all good donors there... 458's getting tougher to fine these days — Traction-Event
  • I'll mod the Grand Sport Vette as is and hopefully get one fast staock 458 outta the deal and mod the other. — LeagueofSpeed
  • the rest will be donors unless they show me something on the track — LeagueofSpeed
  • Love the vette — Mopar_Mafia

Still need one in the blister pack, but I've got one to modify now....hard to find car.

  • Race Aces Country Club Muscle — LeagueofSpeed
  • I got 1 loose in my collection and 2 in the blister pack let me know if you want one. — Mopar_Mafia
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sub4ra 10/7/17

Hot Wheels Redlines Army Staff Car At Thrift Store!


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