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Speed Heat 4 JDM Edition (Full Roster)

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Bay City would love another shot. Car is ready to go. 

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Numbskull 8/7/22

Count me in please.   This will be awesome.

Your rosters fill up fast!  Let me know when the next series is.  I'd like to enter.


Variat SkunkWorks

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Flip81 8/8/22

I want in. Need to open it up to more cars

  • You'll get mor views too. Also I might be able to help you out with timer — Flip81
  • I will like to Flip , but to many races people get tired , and 3 races per car is a lot of time editing I wish you guys know the way mu wife look me hahah — GuingoyoDiecastRacing
  • Guingoyo, perhaps you could add 4 alternate spots to the roster in case you get some dropouts, or some no-shows. Just a thought. Cheers. — Numbskull
  • Sounds Good lets do it — GuingoyoDiecastRacing
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Endcount 8/8/22

Dang, I missed out. I love JDM cars 

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Numbskull 8/8/22

Hi Guingoyo,  is this going to be a drag race or on your open track?  Also, what is the deadline date for cars to arrive?

Cheers, Numbskull

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Marco_Polo 8/9/22

Saw the ad late save me an alternate spot will be sending car in

Hi, Guingoyo

Can New Jersey Drive Racing (Wally Champ) be an alternate for this race?   

I don't know how I missed this! 

If you send your car don't worry about this message

Please let me know if you are still in for this tournament.

  • My car will be in the mail this week. — Numbskull

who is out ? I only receive 7 so far

I think I have some quiters, I will not have a time for the tournament until I get renplacements

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Numbskull 9/1/22

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

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