Speed Heat 5 European Cars Edition

Tuesday, November 1st, 2022
Hosted by Guingoyo Diecast Racing
GuingoyoDiecastRacing Sunday, 8/28/2022

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Please read the rules before entering this season
With this announcement, I want to give the rules for the next season.

Speed Heat 5 European Cars Edition.  (November/Date TBD)

No entrance fee
The prizes will be for first place only and these will be the cars that are lost. If you do not agree to give your car to another driver, please do not enter the season.
The minimum weight of the car is 45 grams (modified cars run better on the track, stock cars are not ideal for it), and there is no limit for the maximum.

(See our channel for previous races for a guide to which cars run best)


There will be 32 participants in total, but only 16 of them will enter the season. There will be a classification, those who enter the season will be those who have the best time in the classification.

The 16 divers will run 2 races during the season. (maximum per driver one car)
Only 8 drivers will advance to the semi-final and four of them will enter the final.
6 videos will be uploaded in total (Don’t Rush Guingoyo Diecast Team to release them, this is a hobby we don’t live from this)
The format of the races will be the best known by all
Four races with the change of lanes,
First place = 5pts
Second place = 3pts
Third place = 2pts
Last place = 1pt
DNF = 0pt
Best time in each race time 3 Bonus PTS
The best time in the season will receive 8 bonus points.
In case of a tie in the season, the car with the fastest time in the whole season will receive the tiebreaker, the same rule will be applied in semi-finals and finals.
If you are interested enter, send a message for the address, also saying I agree with the rules.
Thank You!
Guingoyo Diecast Racing Team

1. PuffsRacing Arrived

2. Papa_Pugsley Arrived

3. Endcount Arrived

4. RLoRacing Arrived

5. DiecastDudeRacing

6. Crazy_Canuck_Arrived

7. RustBeltRacing

8. NeonCity_Outsiders

9. MrDarq _Arrived

10. Robert_C

11. Sam_Haul

12. Numbskull _Arrived

13. Rusty_Rod Arrived

14. Driepe51

15. VariatSkunkworks Arrived

16. Lily_the_Dog Arrived

17. Flip81_Arrived

18. WallyChamp73

19. KxngTrizz

20. FPD_Racing Arrived

21. FeralMODS Arrived

22. Schottys_diecast

23. Polo Racing Arrived

24. FrogWattzRacerz

25. CraigsterSr Arrived

26. Dretty Arrived

27. Jonnys_Speed_Shop 

28. MQHracing Arrived

29. TinyTrackCars Arrived

30. Sneaky_Bob

31. BlueLineRacing Arrived



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PuffsRacing 8/28/22

I want in Puff racing , agree with the rules 

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Papa_Pugsley 8/28/22

Papa Pugsley would like in and I agree to the rules.

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Endcount 8/28/22

Endcount will be representing Chase Family Racing

I love the rules and I agree with them

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RLoRacing 8/28/22

In, I agree with the rules 

Count us in. I agree to the rules.

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Crazy_Canuck 8/28/22

I agree to the rules and would like to be counted as IN!

I'm in and the rules agree with me

If your looking for drivers, allow the 0utsiders to prove ourselves.

we're in. We agree to the rules.

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MrDarq 8/28/22

If you have a spot I'll take it sir!! I agree with the rules. 

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Robert_C 8/28/22

Northern Lytes Die-cast Racing would love to join! 

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Sam_Haul 8/28/22

Would love to race on your track!  Sam Haul of Team DRT3K will take a spot, please.  I agree to the rules.

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Bolo_Brown 8/28/22

Am I to late for this 

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