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Speed Heat (Real Riders Tournament) at Guingoyo Diecast Racing

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Just to clarify,  you don't have to send a premium car, you just need Real Riders ok the car

  • Quick question: do the wheels have to Hot Wheels brand Real Riders, or do they just have to be rubber? Will a Johnny Lighting with rubber tires count? — Sam_Haul
  • Rubber band is ok, but I never try those ones before , just the one for hot wheels — GuingoyoDiecastRacing

You can count Papa Pugsley in

Is it too late for New Jersey Drive Racing to participate?

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MQHracing 1/13/23

Is it too late too join? If not I want a spot please

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Numbskull 1/16/23

Can we use any casting as long as it has Real Riders?

  • Please make sure that fix on hot wheels track. But preferably hot wheels or Matchbox — GuingoyoDiecastRacing
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Numbskull 1/16/23

It will be hot wheels and it will fit on hot wheels track.  I'm just wondering if we can use fantasy and concept castings?  Or do you want us to use real-world, production car castings?

It will be a small tournament,  a lot of people drop out , maybe new track is trash either way I wil run it the Race,  it will be like 8 to 12 drivers 

  • I don’t think it’s that man you do a great job love running on your channel.. I know for me I didn’t have any real riders I wanted to loose forever and so when I went to buy one there wasn’t anything on the pegs in my area..I did finally find one to send — MQHracing
  • You ARE doing a great job, man. It's unique and fun. But I'm with MQH, I didn't want to likely lose premium wheels. I've never built a real rider car for racing so not knowing how it'd go or turn out, and not getting the cars back was what made my decision for me. I'll definitely be back. — FeralPatrick
  • I'm putting 2 cars in the mail today. 1-30-2023 — Numbskull
  • No problem We still love you guys, next one I will do plastic , but I will see I can broke the piggy to buy a timer — GuingoyoDiecastRacing
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Numbskull 1/30/23

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

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