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  • I would suggest Front to Back weight placement. NEED two mini weight scales. AFTER wheels are set .. weigh complete car - note weight. Place front wheels on one scale ... back on the other. Note weights. Divide front weight by total weight. Same for back. This will give you, the front to back weight distribution. Should be from 45/55% to 35/65%. Too much back weight makes car " wobble " down track. — VoxxerRacing
  • Use tape to hold weights in place .. repeat weighing steps. Move weights to locations to achieve optimal placements... then glue. — VoxxerRacing

  • I use 100% white cotton, non washed, T-shirt for final polish on axles. I do not know shop towel materials, but, if made made from wood pulp... not a good idea — VoxxerRacing

  • I suggest using same " cardboard jig " that you used in Ep 6 to cover wheel hub. Cut " thin " v in cardboard and place between base and wheel. " V " will center over axle. Usually perfect width to set wheels from base and wheel. — VoxxerRacing
  • When base and wheels are in wheel jig ... get small picture levels and place on base to make sure base and axles are parallel from horizontal. — VoxxerRacing
  • VoxxerRacing - Thank you for your various inputs here, appreciated and food for thought. Cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D

ok... I know u r suposed to wheel farm but don't have enough cars what fte car would u recomend?... and what mainline car would u recomend? basically what have u had the most success with?

  • there is no pattern the front package and the back package come from different cars...a Wheel Farm is extensive and massive...mine is Build your Workshop and Wheel Farm takes time — LeagueofSpeed

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