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Speedway Smackdown

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Stewi_McNasty 11/29/22

Stewi Wants in as:

The Junkyard Dog,

Finishing move: Thump (Standing scoop power slam) and

Special move: Headbutt (Headbutt dizzy opponent while on all 4's)

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Bolo_Brown 12/6/22

Count me bro my wrestler a choice is Mark Henry the world's strongest slam is his finishing move

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Numbskull 1/5/23

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

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WesCoasin 1/8/23

Yooooo what's up Dretty you got room for 1 more. Kurt Angle. Angle Lock! 

  • Deadline is tomorrow so, no. Sorry — Dretty
  • My bad Dretty I already sent it. Should be there tomorrow — WesCoasin
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CraigsterSr 1/12/23

Who's Ready to Rumble???!!!

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