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Speedway Smackdown

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Stewi_McNasty 11/29/22

Stewi Wants in as:

The Junkyard Dog,

Finishing move: Thump (Standing scoop power slam) and

Special move: Headbutt (Headbutt dizzy opponent while on all 4's)

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Bolo_Brown 12/6/22

Count me bro my wrestler a choice is Mark Henry the world's strongest slam is his finishing move

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Numbskull 1/5/23

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

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WesCoasin 1/8/23

Yooooo what's up Dretty you got room for 1 more. Kurt Angle. Angle Lock! 

  • Deadline is tomorrow so, no. Sorry — Dretty
  • My bad Dretty I already sent it. Should be there tomorrow — WesCoasin
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CraigsterSr 1/12/23

Who's Ready to Rumble???!!!

Just looked at the races and seen stomping Tom win clearly macho man did not win 1 race. Stomping Tom cross first on its back first race, Stomping cross first 2nd races and stone cold cross first third race  so the winner is Stomping Tom and not macho man 

  • Well now…it wouldn’t be wrestling without controversy…lol — Crazy_Canuck
  • Flipped lid doesnt score at my track. — Dretty

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