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Can Variat SkunkWorks get in with a #18?

Is it too late for a Variat SkunkWorks #18 entry?

  • Nice — Douglas
  • If not already on list you can be an alternate — Douglas
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Flip81 9/13/22

Flips racing has a number change. It doesn't look like anyone has it. #16. Thanks 

  • Ok sixteen then it is — Douglas
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Crazy_Canuck 9/13/22

On its way...

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Crazy_Canuck 9/13/22

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Sneaky_Bob 9/16/22

I have several cars that I could send.

U_U is on it's way

Heading to the track tomorrow...

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Douglas 10/2/22

Get those Stock Car Nation entries in before October  7th!! Good luck it's gonna be EPIC!! 

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NDeavers80 10/2/22

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Spirit_Of_64 10/4/22

Cutting it close!  Mailed today; should arrive Thurs.

  • Awesome will be looking for it — Douglas
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NDeavers80 10/4/22

Mailed mine today too

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