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Stop Boxes

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model40fan 7/19/12

the stop tubes work by useing ; 1" soft foam, then (2) vertical 1/4" x 1/4" strips of soft foam glued to the outside edges, and a bellybuttom glued to the middle, then another 1" of soft foam, then another strips n button, then hard foam with a 1/2" shaft protruding into the 5" section of sleep apnea air hose, that filled with a rough strip of soft foam, [ keeps the hose from crimping, and works as an extra absorber], then another hard foam with shaft, finally the whole unit drags as it is compressed....
also the red carpet is to slow the cars return, the little vertical strips are to protect the tail lights.... ROLL 'EM

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Preacher 4/30/14

A simple stop box I have been using is a measure of rice in a ziploc bag.  Use a bag big enough to lay over all your lanes and enough rice - to not move backwards when the cars hit it.  I also wrap mine in a microfiber towel.

  • I will try this. Sounds like it'd work fairly well. — JDC442

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