Super easy photography station

redlinederby Sunday, 5/17/2015
Site manager

Finally got around to setting up a new photography station for my cars. This time went the super-cheap and easy route. Just took 2 foam boards, a poster board and a clip light with a white light bulb. 

Realized I didn't need a full surround box like I had made before. As long as the clip light is the only light source and from above, I don't get any shadows from my camera or anything else. I had to rearrange the room at bit so I could use that shelf to clip the light, but worth the trouble. The results aren't bad either.

  • Foam board, $2/each at Hobby Lobby
  • Poster board, $4 for a pack at Odd Lots
  • Clip light fixture, $10 at Home Debot

All things considered, about $20 will get you a decent station that you can setup and strike very quickly, plus you can put it just about anywhere.

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