The 2020 Holiday Rumble

Wednesday, December 30th, 2020
Hosted by Redline Derby Racing
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redlinederby Monday, 12/21/2020
Site manager

This is a bonus race being held at Redline Derby HQ with the cars remaining on-hand from the RLDRL. Some cars have already been returned to their owners and will not be included. The December winner, Mattman213, and RLDRL series champ, Voxxer Racing, will be excluded from running since they've already enjoyed the sweet taste of victory.

This rumble-style elimination race is for everyone else that suffered a loss in the most recent tournament - but more so, it's for the few cars that didn't make into the RLDRL due to slow delivery by the USPS. They shipped their cars with plenty of time to spare (upwards of 3 weeks!) but the post office let us down. 

What is a rumble elimination?

The "rumble style" elimination format is stolen from the WWF and their annual Royal Rumble wrestling show. The event starts with 2 guys in the ring, and then every 3 minutes, a new person enters, slowly filling the ring. If a guy is tossed over the top rope, he's out of the match. This continues until all 30 entrants have come out and then the last man standing is the winner. We do the same thing here.

Two cars start and the winner stays on the track while the loser heads back to the locker room. New cars enter the event as others are eliminated. Thus it's more difficult for you to enter the rumble early since you have to keep winning longer...the best spot is last where you only have to race once.

Entry order

The entry order below was determined by how far you managed to get in the December bracket. The cars that went the furthest get early entry order, those that lost quickly get better placement. The two cars that weren't in the RLDRL get the final 2 spots. All in all, 14 cars will be rolling in this rumble.

  1. Rivera Racing
  2. RLo Racing
  3. NDeavers
  4. Penguin
  5. G4 Diecast Racing
  6. Fractal Panda
  7. George Stackert
  8. Peter Bee
  9. Secondhand Speed
  10. Spy Dude
  11. Scale Racing
  12. Alfred the Canadian
  13. GhostDriver
  14. Golden Owl

This race is just happening just because...because some guys didn't get in the big bracket, because I'm off for the holidays, and because there's no better way to say THANK YOU TO EVERYONE than racing some cars. Finishing positions in this event will go towards your career stats.

Look for video sometime after Christmas at which point cars will be shipping out for their return trip home.

Happy holidays, everyone! Here's hoping your holiday is happy, healthy, and fun with your family & friends. Cheers!


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Mattman213 12/22/20

Love me a good Rumble.  Hopefully Triple H can make sure everyone stays in line!  Some quick quick car in that list, will be interesting to see if any of them can hold on race after race!


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Peter_Bee 12/22/20

Never been in a rumble before, and to be honest, not really sure how it works, but I'm sure it'll be fun!

Take care and see ya at the races!

  • Rumble style is just an elimination race with a specific entry order. If you win, you keep going. You lose, you're out. Car that wins the last race is the winner. — redlinederby
  • Its very different but really entertaining! — Mattman213
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Peter_Bee 12/23/20

I'm looking forward to this....drawing the #8 spot means I need to win 3 races to add to my career stats. I just need to stay low in the center of the ring lol.

  • Entry at #8 means you'd be in 6 races. Assuming you won your first race, you'd then have to face #9-14 and win them all to win the event. — redlinederby
  • Yes, but I only need 3 wins to get a 5th spot finish, which would go on my career stats. I always set the bar low lol. — Peter_Bee
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GoldenOwl 12/23/20

Right on! Bring on the rumble! 

awesome im looking forward to seeing this!

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redlinederby 12/29/20
Site manager

As promised, a bonus race to end the year and give everyone another chance at the track. New to this race is GhostDriver and Golden Owl. Both had cars on the way for RLDRL but missed the deadline due to shipping slowness. Congrats to GhostDriver and bravo to Rivera Racing for the impressive 9 eliminations.

  • Wow, Ghost Driver and Golden Owl would’ve been right in it had they made the due date. Nice cars guys. — BlueLineRacing
  • Thanks BlueLine! — GhostRacing
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Mattman213 12/29/20

Awesome races, congrats Ghost Driver!  Rivera almost pulled it off too, Scale Racing had the oomph but then didn't quite have enough at the end to hold on.  Rumble is a fickle beast of a race!


  • Thanks Matt! Definitely would’ve love to go up against the Bounty Hunter :) It was a great race overall though! — GhostRacing
  • Woulda been a good race from what I saw! Send your build out to Blueline and let it get some times on his track for comparison as thats the next stop for the Bounty Hunter. Itll then come home, get a tune up and find another race if possible — Mattman213
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SpyDude 12/29/20

Riviera, good run.  Now my goal is to build something that will smoke that Escalade and (hopefully) beat you next time!

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GhostRacing 12/30/20

That was a blast! Thanks for hosting Brian!!

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Leroy1 12/30/20

How do I get  ahold of a redline sign 8x10 .so I can place it on our track ?

  • I sent you a PM with a link. Or search for media kit. — redlinederby
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redlinederby 1/3/21
Site manager

Just a heads up that all cars have been shipped out for return. If you need the tracking number for your car, just PM me and I can get it to you. But everyone's cars should be back home by end of the week.

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