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Crazy_Canuck Sunday, 2/4/2024

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Date - April 1

Channel - 905Diecast

Overview - Inspired by other vehicular combat races…this event will push the boundaries of its contestants. Choose your casting wisely as you must find the perfect blend of Speed, Balance, Timing, Armour, and Offence.  This spring, the Elevation Trail plays host to a new version of last car standing as teams from around the world will clash, crash, bang, and rumble their rides down the open track at Lakeridge Heights. Will your car survive the “Chowhound Open” and avoid being used for Target Practice?

Max Weight - 75g

Max car size - vehicle must be 1/64 scale. The start gate can accommodate an articulated War-Rig if you are crazy enough to send one.

Wheels and axels - MUST be off road knobby design. Can be rubber if you wish. Any axel and suspension setup you can imagine is encouraged but not mandatory.

Lube - dry (but don’t hold that against us)

Build class - Highly Modified. We are looking for GASLANDS inspired builds here to fit the theme. Castings are being left open for the sake of customization. However the build must look at home in a post apocalyptic dystopian way. If you send a “Hot Dog” it will be used for Target Practice...if you send a "Toilet" it will be used for target practice...if you send a "Monster Truck" that would be super rad... just take a real long think on whether or not that would be a good idea as if it goes over the edge...there's no coming back this time...If you choose to build a “War-Rig”, or “Armour Plated Bus” the start gate will accommodate the length. Entries that arrive for this event with “stock-paint” or no “armament” will be used for Target Practice.  All entries MUST come equipped with offence…defence…and a catchy slogan…ok you don’t need a catchy slogan…but it would be super cool if you had one.

Entry limit - 1/Builder. Anything extra will be used for track decoration. If multiples are received it is up to the discretion of the Lakeridge Heights Administration as to which entry races. The other(s) will be used for Target Practice.

Return shipping - It usually costs me around $15cad to send to the states, so judge accordingly. I hope to run a handful of races this season and will be returning cars back to teams at the end of the year. Any cars being graciously donated to the cause will be featured in subsequent videos…unless they are used for target practice…

Send to address - Send me a PM if you need the shipping details. The address is the same for those who entered races last year.

Track - The Elevation Trail

Format and scoring - We run 3 wide at the Heights behind a Moto-Style start gate. The track is wide open from top to bottom passing 10 check points along the way. 1 point is awarded for each gate crossed, and an Extra point will be awarded for crossing the finish line first for a Max potential of 11 points per race.

We run 3 times down the hill so each car has an equal opportunity in each position to make it as fair and as far as possible.

Cars will be randomly assigned into groups of 3…then assigned groups in following rounds according to points accumulated.

The cut line for subsequent rounds will depend on the total scores of the top cars going forward in such that they equal out to a balanced bracket moving forward.

Ties will be settled by a 2 race runoff where whoever collects the most points, wins.

The Finals will be a six lap race-off where the points are wiped clean from the previous rounds. Most points gained in the finals will be the Champion.

Penalties and repairs - Cars are given a grace of 1g over the stated weight limit to account for variance in scales.

If a car fails to meet any of the requirements, the car will not qualify. Offending cars will still be represented in the event…however they will be used for Target Practice for those who are competing. Whatever (if anything) is left of the smoking heap will be held at the Trail for scenery purposes in future events. So please make sure the rules are understood and should there be any questions feel free to PM me and I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.

Cars that happen to break during racing, will forfeit their matches and be used for Target Practice.

Cars that arrive broken will have an attempt to be minimally repaired before the racing begins. If the car cannot be repaired it will be used for Target Practice.

Prize - Winners always get something good.

Return shipping - All entries will be returned at the end of the year unless specified. If requiring your submission returned upon event conclusion please include return funds along with entry and make note on the RLD Entry slip that you require your submission returned at tournament completion. I will do my best to get the entry back to you asap.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end…if you’ve been able to make it this far, put an asterisk “*” in the sign up post Before saying if you are in on this race. Fortune favours those who follow instructions…


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RLoRacing 2/4/24

*I'm in! 


U_U is in

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MrDarq 2/4/24

* Would like a spot please!!

*I'm in!

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PuffsRacing 2/4/24

I want in 

* Dutch_Clutch_Racing would like a spot.

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Numbskull 2/4/24

***Count me in please.***

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StrayDog 2/4/24

* I'd like a spot please!

Oh yeah!!! You know I'm in!!!

  • Sweetness — Crazy_Canuck
  • ***** I just reread *all* the rules if that counts.. you will not be disappointed in my build *** — Ironbeardcustoms
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Kingjester 2/4/24

I could make something for starcorps I could definitely make something for this. Count kingjester in

*Sounds like fun! Sign me up please!

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Beeks 2/4/24

Hold a spot for me, this'll be very *interesting...

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