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The Freezie500 (FANTASY MUSCLE)

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RaginRicky 3/3/24

Can I get in on this? 

 casting. Blade Raider

  • Blade raider casting is forbidden…please chose something that looks like it could be a muscle car…but is a fantasy casting — Crazy_Canuck
  • VELOCITA — RaginRicky
  • Velocity will work — Crazy_Canuck
  • That or I’d change up and do Solar Reflex if that’s acceptable — RaginRicky
  • I would accept the Solar Reflex if you would prefer to mod that one — Crazy_Canuck
  • Solar it is!! — RaginRicky
  • I’ll send the Gasland and freeze entries together — RaginRicky
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GrumpyCloud 3/4/24

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RaginRicky 3/9/24

Solar Reflex is ready and shipping out Monday for the Freeze . along with XS-IVE for the Gaslands event

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Old_Sarge 3/11/24

If therre is still room for this one Id like in #918 Erikenstein Rod Driver name "Happy"

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Kingjester 3/12/24

Kingjester hails from the planet known as "Roguegaria" (Rogue-gary-ah)a planet built upon a Hierarchy and Kingjester as his name sack is the king. Taking his shot at the Freezie 500 with "Green Royal" a modified Musclebound.

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Sam_Haul 3/13/24

Finally gonna get in on this, if I still can.  Sam Haul, #1,.... armored Batmobile.  

I'd like a spot please.  #19

Is a Green Hulk (hot wheels casting BDM76) allowed? It's my first choice, but if no go, then I have a Maisto '71 Roadkill that I'm thinking about as well.

  • Please do the Maisto Roadkill…that will fit your n beautifully…and I will add #19 to the fray! — Crazy_Canuck
  • On it! — Hardcore_Poetic
  • thats a cool casting! — dr_dodge
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StrayDog 3/21/24

On the way!

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Triple_B 3/21/24

Triple B from Shredder Speedway and Cheap Thrills Racing will get in please with #44 model tbd...? So if I'm reading correctly, you are not allowing any doubles, if someone already has claimed a casting ???? I think I would like to use the Ponyup. I was going to use the custom otto. 

  • Pony up is yours…welcome back to the Trail! — Crazy_Canuck
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Sam_Haul 3/23/24

On its way

Zuru cross sprt 04 

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EnZedRacing 3/25/24

The team at EnZed Racing would love to join in and try to dominate that downhill ice-rink please?!?

8 Crate is what we are hoping will be accepted as it's kinda muscle car-ish (huge V8 in the back seat) and based loosely off a Ford Parklane / 1950s Wagon. 

Yes or No?  We have a few other options...

  • I will accept it…interested to see how your build turns out — Crazy_Canuck

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