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The October Boneyard Classic

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Sweet 9/4/18

I dipped my toes in the water for a few races, with stock entries...No more stock.. This is a cut down Poppa Wheelie body on a Maximum Leeway chassis..Body is just in place now..have to pick out wheels next, and get a scale...It calls itself.."PopRat"

  • Love it. A group I was in a few years ago issued a challenge to everyone turn the poppa wheelie back into the robin(?) It should be. I went a step further than everyone else, mine rolls. — NDeavers80
  • Rad. Nice fit. I have a few of those rod chassis stashed for just such a thing. — redlinederby
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Mopar_Mafia 9/9/18

I'm in pm sent

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41-14 9/11/18

  • “She Ain’t Pretty”. — 41-14
  • 55 gasser base, Chevy Nova body, rear wheels of tooned corvette, and front of an F-150. — 41-14
  • Love it!!!! I've got to get mine built!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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41-14 9/14/18

  • “If Looks Could Kill” and “She Ain’t Pretty “ — 41-14
  • And I’m pretty sure neither one will win any races. What I’m counting on though, is that they’ll scare whoever I face off the track. Lmao. — 41-14
  • Nicely Done!!!! — LeagueofSpeed
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DC-WHEELS 9/14/18

CAT Bulldozer on a Headstarter chassis.

  • Outlandishly cool! — Jav74
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Jav74 9/21/18

I think I’m getting there with the B Body Butcher and GT Xtreme 

  • 95 Chevy 1500? base for the charger and JL Dodge D100 base for the FTC. Let’s see if I can keep them together lol. — Jav74
  • Not FTC. GTX!! — Jav74

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