Trains and other moving scenery for our tracks

dr_dodge Sunday, 2/4/2024

Good eveing to all,

well, between a number of tracks

we also have trains in the diecast community

GTR/Mark has used this well

for "scene" & filming, and for final results of comp (train points)

cheers to GTR! adds a different element

Boomtown now has a train, too.

It helps give it "the other side of the tracks" look

my train/now diecast town/background was that idea,
lookin' inta town town from the backside of the city
the look as the city is inside, as you drive the outer belt around
thats where we would race, and thats where the rail around cities are
it would be cool to consolitate our base level<advanced stuff here for making train tracks
(or trolleys mine stuff, etc)

Also to aid in wiring, and train loco mods
(The GI JOE locos that run like crap, are 1/64 scale on HO track, but remotor well)
perfect narrow gauge stuff

but mainly this is a how to for anyone to add trains, mines, trolleys to your dioramas
I will focus more on "pizza box" stuff and hope others chime in on bigger (layout) stuff

and, I still want th know how Chaos trucks run, (love them)
so, I consider that "other"


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