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Gravitywerx Sunday, 12/25/2011

How an unremarkable car won the Gravitywerx championship: If you saw the slideshow you couldn't help but notice that the # 1 finishing Seat2 car looked like it had been around awhile; In fact it has been around for two decades. It was purchased around the time of the movie "Days of Thunder" when Exxon was giving away those cars with a tank of gas. I noticed that the all-metal Racing Champions cars worked well on my track so I bought a few other models. To the best of my knowledge this particular car, a Buick, has never finished in the top-ten or even won an A race prior to this latest series. This was my fourth online race and I've run countless in-house R and D races over the last 20-some years I've had this track. It would seem that nothing more than luck is required to succeed here.
But this race was between mediocre cars. I withheld the top-ten from the summer race. I added the 11th-place finisher after round 5 and it climbed the standings rapidly but was not a threat to the top original starters. The mail-in contestants were shooting from the hip in this open-lane business and they managed to get cars into the top-ten. Using mediocre cars guarantees more calamity than usual with more unpredictability.
Actually the same thing happened in the Fall 2010 race. The 3rd-in-points car, also a RC Buick (modded) took the championship in the last race. Another modded RC car finished 2nd. That same car repeated it's runner-up finish in the Spring race. In the Summer race, the other RC car was still in B for round 9. But it won that race, moved to A and won round 10! It finished 5th overall with both RC cars finishing in the top-ten. RC cars come on strong at the end of these series.
The Seat2 car got off to a good start in this latest series, getting 3rd in the round 1 B race which moved it up to A where it got 2nd. In the next 2 rounds it got a 7th and a 10th sending it back to B. It got a 4th and 2nd in B sending it back to A for round 7. It got a 4th and 3rd before winning round 9. In round 10 it went straight to the front but crashed and appeared out of contention in last place. But it began another remarkable run to the front helped out by an overtime lap because of the lead change on the 10th lap. It finished 2nd which put it one point ahead of the RDL3 car which had never finished worse than 7th in this series. Usually the top car is an A race regular but this one was the most unpredictable ever. Love this thing!

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