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Track Update - Piston Junction nearing completion.

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Cannot wait till March 1st! That race is gonna be a highlight!

  • Hoping it will be! I'm putting in a lot of work to getting this all ready! — StarCorps

Very cool, looks great!

  • I appreciate the comment! Thank you! — StarCorps
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johnson9195 1/31/24

The track is looking great! Lots of cool details. Thank you for sharing the progress.

  • Thanks for the encouragement! The track is almost open for racing, if you'd like to send a car. Check out the Piston Junction Invitational! — StarCorps
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StarCorps 2/11/24

  • You should send cars going down as a test, I bet it'd look very cool! — LottaSpeedRacing
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StarCorps 2/11/24

Here is the layout for the Town of Piston Junction!

  • Progressing well, great! Looking at my latest postal tracing, should not be too far away, cheers. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Looking good! — StrayDog
  • looks great, see y'all on the mt!! very stoked for this! — dr_dodge
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StarCorps 2/17/24

Yesterday I tried to reinstall my start gate and run the tests, but the start gate shat the bed. 

It's currently in priority mail headed back to Slanman - who is gonna fix it and send it back to me. 

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StarCorps 2/18/24

Here's an update for mid February. 

  • Wow…the level of detail and commitment to theme here is off the charts…can’t wait for the racing to begin! — Crazy_Canuck
  • If its worth doing, its worth doing well. — StarCorps

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