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Results: Truck-O-Rama II mail-in

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model40fan 5/4/15

Made a large re-useable blister card to go home with the eliminator...the 2015 Truck o Rama II "winner" gets a bigger blister in case the winner won't fit in a medium...

..... go redline derby racers go !

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model40fan 5/4/15

I was going to drop the 1945 7up truck onto an FTE way 2 fast base...

 Oops... 73.8 grams in a 60 gram class.... bummed, then it hit me,

 The venerable RAABSTER way 2 fast "plastic" base / front bumper...

 57.9 grams, before glueing... front bumper may have to go...

The RAABSTER way 2 fast base 1/2 of the rear headers removed...

Notice it is translucent.

  • That truck looks mean...and fast...can't wait to see that run — redlinederby
  • heavy, very heavy — model40fan
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model40fan 5/5/15

"Stake Out" under 60 gram vagrant farm worker ;

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model40fan 5/7/15

Older brother, "A Hauling Hay" ;

Can we call it a van?

  • I'd have to say No to that. Alligators do not qualify as a truck :) Or is that a crocodile? — redlinederby
  • it's "Rock 'o Mile" — CrzyTrkrDude
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redlinederby 5/16/15
Site manager

About a month out from entry deadline on Truck-O-Rama II. I know there's a lot going on in June as well but try to grab a truck and get it modded. I'm looking forward to seeing all the trucks roll.

And I know it's early for this race but Smitty has a big jump on y'all, and that red Hay 2 Fast truck looks like a barn burner...

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72_Chevy_C10 5/19/15
Event coordinator

I don't want Smitty to have all the fun...

It's been a while since I've built one of these...

I need to lose the rear pipes and get some weight in it...maybe fte's, we'll see how these 5-spokes roll

Got this one rolling...

  • I don't know, that window tint is illegal in NJ! Looking good, TE! — 72_Chevy_C10
  • You sure are getting good at making cars fast with non-FTE axles! I actually built one of my Bar Muscle entries without FTEs. — KandORacing
  • Yup, kinda on a mission, need to prove something to myself — Traction-Event
  • also i need to clean up that hood casting line... — Traction-Event
  • I've discovered that FTEs aren't necessary to make a fast car. A week ago I was pretty dissapointed in my FTE Firebird for Bare Muscle.... — KandORacing
  • .. but then I tried some different wheels (non FTE) and it is actually pretty fast, I was quite surprised. — KandORacing
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delta6 6/5/15

Just a clarification but are pick-up trucks and/or SUV's included in this race?

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redlinederby 6/5/15
Site manager

Yes, both pick-up and SUV qualify. Basically as long as it's not a sedan, coupe, hot rod or fantasy car then it's more or less okay to enter. Station wagons are good, and vans too. 

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2seven 6/10/15
current build, its screaming for a set of flames!!!

Truck Modder build  by mhathaway_2seven

Truck Modder build  by mhathaway_2seven

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