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Fat_Dad 5/6/24

In if you have room

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Bolo_Brown 5/6/24

I would like a spot if there room

Yes please. Let me know if I'm not too late. 

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Uncle_Elvis 5/8/24

Any pictures/videos of the drag strip?

  • There's a promotional video on the channel that gives you a good idea of the track. — Marco_Polo
  • If everything goes well is going to be better since I just ordered a 50 feet track roll , so they're going to be one piece lanes ... — Marco_Polo
  • Sounds good! I know I'll make it to that round lol — ManiacMotorsports
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Sneaky_Bob 5/9/24

If you still have a spot open Vapor Racing would like it for Sneaky Bob.

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CraigsterSr 5/9/24

I'll take a spot please!

Finished paintjob! Still working on the weight

  • Racing stripes always make them faster! Nice! — Dutch_Clutch_Racing
  • Nice !!! Not the traditional 2008 EVO!!! — Marco_Polo
  • Yeah. This one is one of my all time favorite HW cars, so I decided to go for it — ManiacMotorsports
  • It's gonna be good to see how those stand against the 08 ones. — Marco_Polo
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Marco_Polo 5/14/24

Hello racers!!! 

I'll be sending out messages with the mailing address for the event, look for it during the day in the messages page...

  • Everybody should have the address by now, good luck to all... — Marco_Polo
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Marco_Polo 5/15/24

There's one open spot for the tournament  ... if anyone is interested!!

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Marco_Polo 5/15/24

Working on some lights for the new track ...

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Marco_Polo 5/17/24

First two drivers to arrive for the "ULTIMATE EVO TOURNAMENT "  Dutch Vander Shift from Dutch Clutch Racing  and  Bolo Brown from Miniature Car Racing  ...WELCOME!!!

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Kingjester 5/17/24

I just sent out my evo yesterday so it should get there by next week

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