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Vintage Sports Car Tournament (FULL)

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Oh god, just realized July is like right now! :O

Just started working on my car.. might arrive a bit late, but before 24th for sure :)

Also I realized I made all the painting and decallin' and forgot to leave a spot for the number... is it absolutely necessary to show one? If so I'll have to start over

see? No more place for numbers :(

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dr_dodge 7/1/23

the girls will be heading out with the 1956 Aston Martin DBR1
on monday.  looking forward to racing!
47 grams


King Jester


Shipping as soon as I get the address. Her name is Oresome.

  • “A gold shiny wheel caught my eye,a closer look and to my surprise it was a FTE” Also I give you the address since my car has already arrived there it’s George Swanson 88147 Mallory Ln. Bandon, Or. 97411 Can’t wait to see you and your fte corvette at the competition and who knows maybe you’ll end up racing against my Lamborghini miura — Kingjester
  • Thanks man - good luck! — FeralPatrick
  • Very nice — G_ForceRacing

Sneaky Bob of Vapor Racing has arrived

Sam Haul of DRT3K 

  • Watch out everybody we got a mustang on the track — Kingjester
  • It seems pretty fast... If he crashes you might have to "Dodge" him! — G_ForceRacing

Update: the crowd is starting to gather & getting excited about the upcoming race! The track is getting closer to completion....

  • Man I can’t wait for this to get started and see my Lamborghini miura take the track, it had some fast wheel spin in my testing but seeing the competition I can’t be to sure yet — Kingjester
  • It spins nicely, but the competition is fierce to be sure! — G_ForceRacing

Criagster Sr., Feral Patrick & James Ironbeard all pulled in today...

Well drivers it's down to one week to the due date! Get those cars in, it's bound to be a riot!! :D

Endcount, Dr. Dodge & Underdogs Unleashed have arrived

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