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MQHracing 7/24/23

What's happening with this have not heard a word.

  • Had some late arrivals ... still putting it together — SweetJP
  • So this still happening? — MQHracing
  • Yes, it is still happening — SweetJP
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Marco_Polo 10/7/23

What's going on with this tournament??? Does anybody knows???

  • Have not heard a word — MQHracing
  • It remembers me of that Mazda Mayhem that never happened — Marco_Polo
  • Exactly or the squid games and many others shit gets old — MQHracing
  • So sorry, my life got turned upside down. I have the cars and will run them. I'm looking forward to this race series. — SweetJP

Whats the word on this race .. I worked really hard on this car and never heard a PEEP!  another scam ???

  • It will happen. At some point. — Numbskull
  • Hey Numbskull. Thanks for the reply... Do you know for fact or are you just making a joke.. I feel like things in this sport have changed for the worst since my Hiatus.. — RoadrageRacing
  • Marcus Firegone said in a recent Facebook post that this race will happen. — Numbskull
  • I don't do FB, wish hosts would post here, too — dr_dodge
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Uncle_Elvis 4/30/24

I miss quarantine, when events were held 

  • ME TOO!! And the sad thing is right when I was really getting into I moved and then got hit with a hurricane.. So now I am getting back into it and looking at where my cars are and I see that this spot has changed and there are people that are not doing the right thing .. Not even returning your cars when they took the cash ... SAD SAD SAD ! — RoadrageRacing
  • oh well, yet another, like the truck race — dr_dodge

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