You already have the Redline Derby mobile app

redlinederby Tuesday, 7/30/2019
Site manager

I got some recent feedback asking about a Redline Derby app for phones. There is no Redline Derby app to find in the app store. There's nothing to download or purchase, and there won't be anytime soon...

...and that's because the Redline Derby web site is already made to work on your phone...and your tablet...and your laptop. It doesn't matter what you use, the web site should be ready to go.

But what you can do is add the Redline Derby web site to your phone's home screen. That will make an icon that you can tap just like any other app you have. Just like so:

How do you do this for your phone? It's super easy but it depends if you're on an iPhone or an Android.

Or just do some of your own Googling and you'll find it easy.

You might already have the web site bookmarked in your browser, which is fine (and thank you!), but having an icon on your home screen just makes it one tap quicker.

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