YouTube Racing Roundup #4

redlinederby Monday, 4/27/2020
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Welcome to our weekly roundup of YouTube diecast racing. This roundup relies on your reports every week, so please, if you watch or run a diecast racing channel, use this form to share some links.

Quick note: Instead of having new watch playlist for every week, I'll just be adding new videos to a single playlist from now on.

Racing from April 20 - 26

Thanks to madmax, Rust Belt Racing, Spanners Watson, and Josh O'Hara for their reporting this week.

The GNR Vintage Racing League finished up their Funny Car Challenge and saw Tomi Eloranta's pink 1970 Matchbox Charger outrun the rest of the field.

Rust Belt Diecast Racing also finished up a series, their Pinball Cup ended with Justin Konicki's Hot Wheels '64 Impala take home the cup. Visit the Rust Belt Racing Facebook page for more links.

Over at Chaos Canyon, the Canyon Overlord series kicked off and saw Mykemaze's Hot Mercury take an early lead.

The TA Series also got started over on the Track Attack HW channel, so give them a follow to see how the series progresses.


You can watch all the videos from this report in the playlist below, but please check out each channel for more great diecast racing action.

Share your racing

If you run or watch a diecast racing YouTube channel, we need your help getting race results. Use this form to submit your race report for the current week. All you need to do is say who won and paste in a video link. (And if you're running a channel, it's free promotion!)

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