California Wildcat 350

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 80 ft.
  • Lanes: 4
  • Built by: djtripplej


The Wildcat 350, originally began when I was a kid back in 1968.  Many moons later as an adult aged person the set up has become far more advanced.  

Presently, the California Wildcat 350 Speedway is reconstructed for each racing session.  Finally, it is at a level that I'm satisfied with.  Featuring a custom hand buildt 4 lane 12 to 16 car remote control starter that feeds into 8 to 16' of Hot Wheels orange track, feeding in to a hand made 4 lane to 3 lane merge that leads to the Sizzler Fat Track.  The cars must traverse 3 Fat Track high banked corners into 3 very long straight away open track sections.  The racing is very exciting!  Most standard cars can't complete the full course.  I invented a special racing tire for the cars so they can race to the finish in dynamic fassion.  I'm waiting for a custom electronic finish line form JLH Crafts and two four lane corners to enable an additional 50' of orange track to employed at the start of the course.  Most of the racing videos are exhibitions, showcasing the performance of the "BlackFire Tires"  as seen on Hot Car Track's Mount Western Raceway ("Slick" a MBX Holden Commodore #11)  I have guest drivers and my first international guest cars currently racing.  Here is a link to my YouTube channel that is under a new name;  Power Drive Racing DJ TrippleJ

The future is bright for the Wildcat 350, and I will be announcing and inviting builders to mail in their cars to compete on this high speed super track. 

The moto here is: "No Guts No Glory"  Question; do you have what it takes to challenge the Wildcat and win?  Catch you on the track!