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The Deep Eddy raceway is the track that almost "never was". We left our dream home in search of kinder neighbors and more familiar territory. After lots of storage units, moving, patience and hard work with some good 'ole luck thrown in, LYDC has a new home and a new track: The Deep Eddy Raceway. 

This course is inspired by our love of rally-style jumps, long straights and the Austin Texas landscape. The course begins with a JLH Krafts remote electronic gate into HW orange track...into a Slanman Customs 90 degree turn and then more laned HW track before hitting the new Hot Car Track 180 turn. The exit goes to AFCR track which merges in and out of 1970 Mattel Fat Track via SlanMan mergers that make it all possible. I really love the idea of opening up the course to a wider set of lanes in the final straightaway which allows for some interesting overtakes. We spent weeks fine-tuning this course and adjusting every angle of every portion of the track to get the performance that we have. This effort allowed me to build a course with a jump while still getting a very consistent performance from most well-tuned cars, both modified and stock. From a themed standpoint, this track is packed with classic Austin Texas elements as well as clever bits from the cult-classic movie, "Dazed & Confused" including a "Party at the Moontower."  

We're very excited to bring the Deep Eddy Raceway to the masses with this exhilarating course designed to challenge both modified and stock drivers.  

See it in action here: LYDC YouTube Channel

And thanks for your support!

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