Garden Canyon Run

Managed by AlleyCatRaceClub

About this track

Hey folks! After 2 tournaments at Garden Canyon Run, the Fall and the Winter Classics, we decided to totally rework the approach to the finish curves and finish straight, so we routed the start along the fence and dropped it straight down through the garden bed. The Spring Classic, now finished, ran during construction, the track was worked and reworked, and ended up in fairly good shape. Cars getting to the end of the run, but still MUCH mayhem and loads of crashing!

What we have is a rally style course on a mix of tracks materials, some laned, some open; Crash Racers track, BluTrak, homemade track. There are 8 checkpoints along the course, points have been awarded in different ways depending on the event. The final two checkpoints are on the open section of track, that is, there are no sidewalls or curbs. Cars must run straight on their own to make it through these checkpoints and earn points.

Winning cars on this track have a wide and long stance, low center of gravity, and a high ground clearance.