Garden Canyon Run

Total length
Road course



Hey folks! After 4 tournaments at Garden Canyon Run, the Fall, Winter, and Spring Classics, plus the Summer Round Robin, we decided to update the track again to improve the quality of mayhem. Turn 1 is being totally reworked with a Crash Racers 90-degree turn with connected entry and exit so we have a smooth and more balanced start to the course; we've also enlisted Slanman Customs for a 45-degree bend also to be connected to Crash Racers open laned track so turn 3 is a much smoother landing after the devastatingly steep drop of turn 2.

What we have is a rally style course on a mix of track materials, some laned, some open. Crash Racers track, BluTrak, and homemade track. There are 8 checkpoints along the course, points have been awarded in different ways depending on the event. The final two checkpoints are on the open section of track, that is, there are no sidewalls or curbs on this finish straight. Cars must run straight on their own to make it through these checkpoints and earn points.

Winning cars on this track have a wide and long stance, low center of gravity, and a high ground clearance. Roll too fast and risk having less than enough control at the turn 2 drop. Too heavy and you might miss out on that holeshot to a lighter, quicker car. Too light and the track might throw you around like a toy. There are myriad ways to lose on Garden Canyon Run. Are you up to the challenge?