Kenny P Raceway

Managed by Vern01

About this track

The Kenny P Raceway is named after an old friend (R.I.P) Who liked to drive fast when we were younger. It can be found on YouTube at "Norm and Vern Racing" and the Norm and Vern Racing Facebook group. My rediscovered love of diecast racing happened in the spring of 2020 while hurting for sports to watch. It's a familiar story by now I'm sure. It was 3D's Classic Stock Car Tournament that did it for me. The orange hotwheels track was a gift for my 55th Birthday in September. Hard to believe I had one car in June. I made the track from scrap wood from construction sights. (I"m an electrician) Spacers between the lanes are wooden blocks from a Jenga game. The starting gate and finish gate are from a Mechano set I had in the basement for years. Regular string is how I lift the starting gate. It's pretty straight forward. The Mechano finishing gate is a little more involved. It works with gravity and tension with arms pressing on a stand holding a red wheel on both sides. Once a car goes through and releases an arm, the remaining arm pushes the red wheel to the winner's lane. with the exception of the string and six wood screws, everything used for the starting gate and the finishing gate came from the same Mechano Set. I have  eight extra feet of track on each lane when I bring the set up outside.