Lutsen International Raceway

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Road course



After watching countless videos on YouTube, I decided to take a crack at designing and building a track of my own. I wanted to make it look and feel like an early 2000's F1/IndyCar themed track and so I took a lot of inspiration from slot car diorama's and various F1 circuits in the real world (ie Spa, Red Bull Ring, Leguna Seca). The space available in my house for this build was just over 8 x 4 ft. So, it was a major challenge to give the cars enough space to make passes, keep them going down the track in a forward fashion, all the while keeping the racing as clean and competitive as possible. I'm really happy with how it all turned out in the end. Especially when it came to creating and implementing all the diorama. I've really enjoyed creating this project and seeing it come to life. Especially with my oldest son being a part of the journey from the ground up – from inception to reality.

The main materials used for the structure was wood/plywood with lots of screws and wood glue. For the track itself, I used Hot Wheels track, an original 1969 Hot Wheels 2 lane 180 turn, some 3d printed 2-lane turns, and for the open track it's tried and true Crash Racers set. The diorama is where the magic is to be sure. To run through everything I used would be a very long list. But, if you're interested in how I did it, shoot me a message! I'd be glad to answer any questions as best I can. The YouTube journey has been off to a great start! Make sure to subscribe if you haven't already!