Quest Speedway

Total length
Drag strip


  • Style: Drag strip
  • Total length: 16.75 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: LeagueofSpeed


We needed a track for our youtube racing show...The Quest for Speed...and we needed it to be able to set-up and breakdown quickly. So, we utilized one of our 6 Lane Raceways for the Starting Gate and Drop...then had that feed into a 8.75' Run-out.  We also removed the Toggle/Trigger between Lanes 3 and 4 for a cleaner look and for the Trigger Man to be out of the Videos while recording.

The Run-out is an 8' 1x4 prefabricated corner board with 1/4" square dowels making the track channel...the track is Blue Connector HW Orange Track. We then utilized Black and White foam board to just accent lanes 1 and 2 of the 6 Lane the Drop the "checkered flag" look and then we used it to create a Stadium Effect as the cars enter the Run-out and race to the finish...which is a 3D Botmaker 2 Lane Finish Line.

Quest Speedway's primary use is for The Quest for Speed, but it can host Fantasy League races and gives us another track option for hosting Series Events.

It's not our fastest track, but it's our most versatile and most used at the League of Speed Racing Grounds.

Quest Speedway is located at the League of Speed Racing Grounds in North Carolina.