Red Rock Raceway

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 45 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: Papa_Pugsley


My first experience with Hotwheel racing was a drag track in a buddies garage about 15 years ago. I was looking to get back into Hot Wheel racing and started researching Youtube, low and behold, I came across channels such as 3D Botmaker, Commotion Diecast, Diecast Dude, Moster Motorsports and many more. I WAS HOOKED. I started building some cars and sending them off to races. Then I thought, I should build a practice tract to test my cars..... Well I decided to go big or go home LOL. And so came Red Rock Raceway. Check out Man Child Motorsports on Youtube to see the action on Red Rock Raceway.