Total length
Drag strip


  • Style: Drag strip
  • Total length: 28 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: RoadrageRacing


JUST AN FYI: I have two drag track configurations, with a 6 lane 30ft-35ft one in the works.

TRACK#1: Listed above.

TRACK# 2 : 3.5 ft tall, 27 ft long.

My story starts off like most with a love for cars as far back as I can remember. All I ever wanted was Matchbox or Hotwheels cars as child. I would play with them hours at a time and imagine they were really moving, racing, crashing, causing traffic jams etc etc. My imagination would run wild.

Then I was introduced to AFX.... (OH MY GOD!) I thought to myself cars the size of hotwheels that will move on there own, I thought that was heaven.... As I grew older I got into building MODELS, the Models then lead me into RC electric at first then into gas. That held me into my teens when I started thinking not only about girls (LOL) but couldn't wait to get my own car. Once I got my car I felt like the world was mine.... UNTIL I realized that with a car came getting a job, which lead to having money to date, which lead to marriage and all the boring things ADULTS do.. SO my love for all this childhood/teen things became a memory. I kept my Hotwheels and Matchbox and even some of my Models, but all the rest gone.....

Then I had kids, 1 boy and 1 girl.. When the movie cars came out I think I was more excited to see the movie then my son (lol), But when he heard the sound of the engine and saw the movie that was it all we did was eat, drink and watch CARS. SOOOOO! I pulled out all my old cars and we began to play with them and eventually would buy him his own cars. My childhood dream of racing the cars down a track became a reality when I saw online this track called Extreme Racers Drag track. I without hesitation bought the track for my “SON” (wink wink).... And then the competition really began. Me and my son would play and then my daughter would put her dolls down and say I want to race too. So now it was her picking cars, me picking cars and my son and we would drag for hours on end ( LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT).. Eventually they got older and started to play video games instead of with DAD. So the track and cars got boxed and put away once again (Insert SAD FACE here).

Until COVID-19 hit! With the world uncertain and me losing my business because of the virus, and all the political and Racial stuff on TV. I stopped watching TV and started watching YOUTUBE and came across a channel called RACES AND FUN, which lead me to 3DBOTMAKER......I WAS HOOKED !!! I started to pull out the cars and contacted 3D and was told there was a long waiting list...I ended up finding another channel that was starting up called MEAL TICKET RACEWAY, a super long track and I was amazed. I contacted the owner of MTR (Dallas) and he was like there is plenty of room. So I sent in cars. From there I started building cars at a pace that I still haven't ran them all, and thanks to DALLAS dealing with all my questions and accepting my entries (Even though they stunk), I WAS NOW ADDICTED !!!! I would go for milk and come home with 10 cars, I would go bread and come home with 10 cars .

So this leads me to where I am today, I am setting up a you tube channel and hopefully will be bring pure drag racing fun and when I have the space would eventually like to build a track like the three above mentioned tracks.

Until then, I hope that you enjoy my track and don't get frustrated with my terrible editing skills, and just send cars to race, be competitive and have fun.

Thank you,