RoadRunner Raceway

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Hey guys, First I'd like to say I'm so glad I found RedLineDerbyRacing and others like me who love the thril of the race at 1/64 size. 

I have always loved inventing sports for diecast cars but most of them were pretty destructive to my cars so I decided to turn to racing them. I started with drag race and simple tracks just to figure out which of my cars was the fastest but soon I want to racing more then two cars so I experimented with different cardboard tracks and single lane races that were move of a "who's left on the track after the dust clears". those were fun. :)

I bought a few Hotwheels sets and used them but mostly I found I could create better things that gave more racing feels at home. When looking for new ideas i would go to YouTube (of course (eye roll)) and i found 3Dbotmakers channel and watched about 3 hours of it before i knew what had happened. I just loved it. The Fat Track gave the racing such a real feel, the cars intentionally (acidentally)  blocked each other like there were drivers inside them. I needed to build one of those tracks.

After 3D showed us what material he used ( coroplast) then i immediately bought a sheet of it. I was able to create 60ft of track out of the 8ft by 4ft sheet. I set up courses inside, outside and anywhere my mom would let me. none of them where permanent and i got a little frustrated at that. it would take me about 15 minutes to set up and then i would run a small tournament on it and then i would spend 15 minutes taking it down again. very frustrating. My first tracks were also way to wide and the cars went all over the place as they went down. If one car turned sideways the track was so wide the others probaly wouldn't even hit it. I narrowed the tracks to 3" and that has been working very well.

Anyway, I finally decided to build a semi-permanent track in my unfinished basement. It is very dusty down there and spiders are everywhere. i cleaned up one corner of it and found some old doors and some PVC pipe i could use to make stands for the doors. It was PERFECT. In about two hours i have thrown together my first track ( with one hand too !!! i had a broken wrist at the time. I really wanted that track to be finished though). This was an 11ft straight away into an 180 turn that lead to and 4ft straight away to a 90 degree turn and 27 ft final sprint to the finish line. I have since changed the track and named the new one RoadRunner Raceway: Paris Track.

I have been running house tournaments on the paris track since then and recording which cars are the best 1v1 racers and 4 car group racers.