Snow Valley Diecast Racing - Street Edition

Total length
Drag strip


  • Style: Drag strip
  • Total length: 10 ft.
  • Lanes: 4
  • Built by: MarcusFiregone


While having fun racing the down hill open road course at Snow Valley, why not take in the local sights and join in some Street Racing through downtown Snow Valley.  Now moved to the outskirts of town.

Snow Valley Friday Night Street RacingJust outside of Snow Valley is a flat stretch of highway a 1/4 mile long near the Sparling Propane and Railway Tracks.  At night Drivers meet at Sparlings Propane and compete head-to-head to see who is the fastest.  We don't condone Street Racing unless it is done at 1:64 scale.

We race Stock cars.  These are choose your ride, where you request a casting and Snake will find you your ride.  Each Month we introduce 4 cars and the best moves on the challenge the Top 8 Cars in the Ladder.  For this, we add Dry Lube to the cars.

Real-World cars only.  No Trucks or Vans.  Pickups, SUVs and convertibles are acceptable for this event.  No weights added (stock)

We have also now added a (stock) Monster Truck race over crushed cars.  Also, a choose your ride event.

And now a mail-in, unlimited weight, event called Yellowline base on the Sweet JP from Planet Dorothy in the movie Redline.  Sweet JP starts out competing in Yellowline for a shot at Redline.  Castings must be pre-approved but some Fantasy castings will be allowed.  Car modes also welcome, like big engines.